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I had a great appreciation for Governor Mitt Romney, but I prefer Obama for his faithful courage and his sobriety.

While billion of people are dying because of their poverty, I honestly think that too much money was just wasted for nothing in the course of US election 2012.

That would be a great contribution if this wasted amount of money has to be invested elsewhere or where needed the most to tackle  climate change issues, poverty alleviation, etc..

”I have a dream”, a prophecy is fully fulfilled this november 6, 2012, as to attest to this statement: ” never change a winning team”

Now, re-unify US is the challenging job for all USA. Let’s pray for this great nation, where electoral system needs to be reviewed!

Good luck President Barack Obama


3 thoughts on “US ELECTION 2012

    US ELECTION 2012 « Togo-Togo said:
    7 November 2012 at 909 13

    […] US ELECTION 2012. […]

    Dominique said:
    7 November 2012 at 1111 48

    It appears through this election that most of American people trust in president Obama,
    may God helps him to give the best.

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